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Featured Writer - Paul "Pauly" McGuire

Paul "Pauly" McGuire is a writer from New York City.  He quit his job as a bond trader on Wall Street to pursue a career in writing. He is a novelist and screenwriter but became most famous for his poker blog.

The Tao of Poker  (  chronicles his daily poker thoughts from his late night forays into the online poker world to playing in home games and tournaments around New York City.  He also covers his adventures to casinos like Foxwoods,  Atlantic City,  and Las Vegas.

As an amateur poker player and an avid traveler,  Pauly often finds time to squeeze poker into his itinerary no matter where he goes.  He has played poker all across America and will track down a home game or drive miles out of his way to the closest card room or casino.  He has even played hold'em on a bullet train in Japan.  You'll most likely find him slumming around at the low limit tables on Party Poker.

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